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plant that grows on or among rocks or is suitable for a rock garden

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In Adenia hondala somatic embrygenesis was induced directly from the leaf explants and indirectly from the internodal derived callus.
Metabolic mobilization in organogenic cultures of Adenia hondala showed a gradual increasing trend in the accumulation of proteins and starch during the initial stages of shoot formation followed by a decreasing trend during later stages of development.
A positive correlation has been observed between starch accumulation and utilization during organogenesis in Adenia hondala.
The present work describes an efficient multiplication and conservation system for adenia hondala using in vitro techniques
Adenia was predeceased by her husband of 61 years, John (Jack) Keenan.
Born in Phillipston, MA, Adenia spent her early years on the Baker farm and graduated from Athol High School.
In addition to working, Adenia was a member of the Barre Congregational Church and very involved in the Lady's Auxiliary for the American Legion Post 2 for 59 years.
Adenia enjoyed attending all of the sporting events of her nieces and nephews in Barre as well as the Barre Community Band Concerts.