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German statesman

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At the time, Paul Adenauer was living in his parents' house again and his diary covers the period from 1961 to 1966, up until his father's death in 1967.
On July 8, 1962, De Gaulle and Adenauer shook hands in a symbolic gesture meant to bury generations of enmity between France and Germany.
Dr Al Awadhi did not name these institutions, but Gulf News has learnt that German think-tank the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, which has been operating in Abu Dhabi since 2009, was ordered to close down because it never obtained a licence.
According to the Daily Mail, the then West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer made the suggestion that West Berlin, occupied by French, British and U.
In earlier scholarship, the cinema of Adenauer era was generally described as thoroughly conventional kitsch, while the 1962 Oberhausen Manifesto was celebrated as the revolutionary gesture of a new generation of mostly male auteurist filmmakers who sought to liberate the German cinema from genre formulas and the alleged bad taste of mostly female audiences.
Mrs Merkel is only the second German chancellor to address Congress since Konrad Adenauer in 1957.
We need to move the Arab community from words to actions, and from theory to practice,Ao the Prince said in a pre-recorded inaugural speech addressing participants at the 3-day conference on AoReligion and the Culture of Peace in the WorldAo held by the Higher Institute of Theology in Tunis and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation
The paper has learned that the Konrad Adenauer Foundation of Belgrade that organized a conference on inter-religious dialogue of the countries of the Western Balkans on 14-16 June in Belgrade warned the clergy of the Macedonian Orthodox Church they were not welcomed in Serbia.
The book titled "Social Market Economy Principles and Implementation", that was recently published by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, recognises the contributions Konrad Adenauer, the first elected German Chancellor after WW II, and the contributions of other major protagonists in the implementation of the Social Market Economy.
If so, he would have to categorise the postwar West Germany of Konrad Adenauer and the Greece of Constantine Karamanlis likewise.
Summary: The American University of Beirut's Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, in conjunction with the AUB Institute of Financial Economics and with the sponsorship of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, will hold a conference on State Building and State Stability in the Arab World from 9:00 a.
THE Chancellor of West Germany, Dr Adenauer, today warned West Germans that a vast Russian military machine, pressed against the Elbe, could march against West Europe "within 24 hours" if the Kremlin gave the signal.
El Doctor de Imaz divide su obra en cinco breves capitulos, division que en cierta medida no se justifica, ya que uno y otro se entrelazan mediante la profundizacion y complementacion de ideas, de tal modo que las impresiones del autor acerca de los <<constructores>> de la Europa unida (Schuman, Adenauer, Monnet y De Gasperi) constituyen un solo todo cuya lectura le permite al lector formarse una idea de conjunto sobre el tema.
The dominant view in Israel was categorical rejection of any contact with Germany or Germans and a strong tendency to view the Germany of Chancellor Adenauer, who himself had been anti-Nazi, as no more acceptable a point of contact for Jews than the Nazi regime.
The decision was taken by the two committees which regard Mr Delors as a leading figure of the 'second generation' of Europe's father figures after Monnet, Schuman, Spaak and Adenauer.