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The results of the present investigation clearly indicate that the antibacterial, antifungal, analgesic and antioxidant activity vary with the different extracts of the bark powder of Adenanthera pavonina \L.
Blood pressure lowering effect of Adenanthera pavonina seed extract on normotensive rats.
Studies on chemical constituents from stems and leaves of Adenanthera pavonina L.
Screening for antimicrobial activity of Acronychia pedunculata (Ankenda) and Adenanthera pavonina (Madatiya) against bacteria causing skin and wound infections in humans, Proceedings of the Peradeniya University Research Sessions-Sri Lanka, 11: 105.
Anti-inflamatory activity of ethanolic leaf extracts from Adenanthera pavonina (L) in Rat.
Chemical constituents of the leaves of Adenanthera pavonina L.
Stigmasterol glucosides a constituents of Adenanthera pavonina seed and leaf.
Antiinflammatory studies on Adenanthera pavonina seed extract.
Antifungal, antioxidant and cytotoxic activity of Acronychia pedunculata and Adenanthera pavonina.
Pavinin: A new five membered lactone from Adenanthera pavonina L.
with 2 tolas of stems of Tinospora sinensis and 2 tolas of bark of Adenanthera pavonina.