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medium-sized penguins occurring in large colonies on the Adelie Coast of Antarctica

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Adelie penguins are very much at risk due to climate change, oil pollution, and over-fishing.
We believe this is a landmark study with data that provides not only information on the population dynamics of Adelie penguins but injects critically needed information into the ongoing negotiations regarding the implementation of Marine Protected Areas in the Southern Ocean," said Dr.
Hurt and colleagues collected samples from some 300 Adelie penguins at Admiralty Bay and Rada Covadonga during January and February 2013.
Scientists have spent 13 years collecting data on the foraging ability of chick-rearing Adelie penguins, which are dependent on year-round sea ice.
Under "normal" conditions, Adelie penguins were most successful at finding food at relatively low sea ice concentrations and should be able to cope with future reduction in summer sea ice concentration.
Traditionally, on April 25, Adelie penguins in the Antarctic begin their annual northward migration, and World Penguin Day celebrates these wonderful birds while raising awareness about their conservation needs, natural habitat and unique behaviour.
It is home to more than a third of the world's Adelie penguins, a quarter of the world's Emperor penguins and half of the world's Type C killer whales.
The scientific work, life in camp and the local wildlife including the Adelie penguins.
Dad discussed a recent trip to Antarctica where he'd seen a colony of Adelie penguins react to a storm by turning its collective back to the wind.
A hundred-year-old study about the sexual life of Adelie penguins has finally been published.
It marks the day when thousands of Antarctic Adelie penguins migrate north for the brighter, longer days to make their hunt for food easier.
With time running out, Mumble compels Ramon to marshal the Adelie penguins and an elephant seal to help with the rescue effort.
Stepping up to the plate, Mumble enlists the help of the rival Adelie penguins and even the less-than- impressed elephant seals to try and save the day.
In Antarctica's Paulet Islands, Adelie Penguins have to dodge leopard seals who leap out of the sea onto the ice to get them.