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Synonyms for admission

Synonyms for admission

the state of being allowed entry

the right to enter or make use of

the act of admitting to something

Synonyms for admission

the act of admitting someone to enter

an acknowledgment of the truth of something

the right to enter

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He said that Namibia will continue to support the struggle of the Palestinian people to achieve their inalienable right to national self determination and independence, adding that the country fully supports the addmission of Palestine into the United Nations.
Plus -size women feel it is definitely worth the $10 addmission for sample sales and/or $75 to attend trunk shows and the shopping crawl to full-figured stores in New York.
On addmission, the patient was found to have acute pulmonary edema.
GEORGE BC won the WW Premier Division One title this season but club capain Martin McGuinness, on his own addmission, has had a terrible time finding himself relegated to the clubs second team.
In addition, based on the patient's history, physical examination, or admission note, evidence of the following conditions was noted: congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), immunosuppression, nonmetastatic malignancy, metastatic malignancy, cirrhosis, or use of dialysis on the day of addmission.