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Synonyms for addiction

love of


  • love of
  • passion for
  • attachment to
  • affection for
  • fondness for
  • zeal for
  • fervour for
  • ardour for

Synonyms for addiction

being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol or narcotic drugs)

an abnormally strong craving

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(Roman law) a formal award by a magistrate of a thing or person to another person (as the award of a debtor to his creditor)

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The paper does suggest they could, in combination with tobacco, increase the addictiveness of tobacco products--and it is this conclusion that could spark new regulation.
They misjudged the addictiveness of smoking and wrongly assumed that wanting to quit was enough.
Beliefs about the addictiveness of tobacco were assessed in order to explore possible underlying factors influencing attitudes towards litigation in New Zealand.
He includes vignettes on the key whistleblowers who exposed the health risks and addictiveness of cigarettes and follows several of the pioneering litigators who fought the cigarette companies in court.
Others voiced their concerns, including Sir Francis Bacon who warned of the addictiveness of the weed.
5 million to settle criminal and civil claims they misled patients and doctors as to the addictiveness of the drug Oxycontin.
The ongoing debate among scientists and tobacco control experts today focuses on the trend of tobacco companies "'fessing up" to the addictiveness and toxicity of tobacco and creating new products (both cigarettes and smokeless products) that may be safer--a practice referred to as "harm reduction.
There's no doubting the addictiveness and family friendliness of Buzz, but previous games have been a bit tough for the nippers.
Her ruling did order tobacco companies to stop using such terms as "light," "low tar" and "mild" to describe their products and to begin a widespread media campaign on the adverse health effects of smoking and the addictiveness of nicotine.
The addictiveness of cigarettes is one of the well-established research findings that some of the tobacco companies continue to deny.
He reviews the physical and psycho-social consequences of nicotine dependence, associated psychological processes, the pharmacology of nicotine, and the evidence of the addictiveness of nicotine.
Even though the tobacco companies knew fully well that cigarette smoking was harmful, they conspired in a scheme that involved false and misleading statements about the health effects of smoking and second-hand smoke; sponsored fraudulent smoking and health research; denied the addictiveness of nicotine and manipulated nicotine levels to sustain this addiction; deceptively marketed "light" or "low-tar" cigarettes that were not actually safer; marketed toward youth; and covered up or suppressed documents regarding these activities.
The continuing paranoia about this plant is ludicrous when on a scale of toxicity, addictiveness and harm cannabis rates lower than coffee.
The Justice Department is seeking to hold the tobacco industry legally accountable for decades of illegal and harmful practices, including marketing to children and concealing the health risks and addictiveness of its products.
Although cocaine, whether snorted or smoked, was never as powerful as its press implied, that did not stop it from becoming a new touchstone of addictiveness.