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Synonyms for adder

a person who adds numbers

a machine that adds numbers

small terrestrial viper common in northern Eurasia

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Why, there's a ballad that says they put King Rodrigo alive into a tomb full of toads, and adders, and lizards, and that two days afterwards the king, in a plaintive, feeble voice, cried out from within the tomb-
Observing a married couple, whose domestic troubles were matter of notoriety, he condoled with both on having mutually taken a house adder to their bosoms.
I woke again in the dark with a sensation that could not be put in colder or more literal words than that a breath bit like an adder.
the squirrel can guard himself against the adder with very little trouble.
As for the friar, had he known who Robin Hood was, you may well believe he would almost as soon have slept with an adder as with the man he had for a bedfellow.
To all entreaties, protestations, and offers of compromise between his own proposals and those which Arthur Gride had first suggested, Ralph was deaf as an adder.
But natural selection can and does often produce structures for the direct injury of other species, as we see in the fang of the adder, and in the ovipositor of the ichneumon, by which its eggs are deposited in the living bodies of other insects.
And there came an adder and bit him in the neck, so that Zarathustra screamed with pain.
With that she stopped her ears, and shook her head from side to side, to intimate to Mr Dennis that though he talked until he had no breath left, she was as deaf as any adder.
The attacks by venomous adders have prompted warnings for beach-goers to take care in the heat.
Between 2009-11, the service was asked for help 196 times after patients were bitten by adders across Wales, England and Scotland.
For example, says one of the study's author's, Penn State's Vijaykrishnan Narayanan, consider a circuit that includes three adders and a multiplier.
Adders, which can grow to two feet in length and have a distinctive V- shaped mark on their heads, are the only poisonous snakes in Britain.
The designer has complete control of the process and can specify which resources will be used in the design, including ALUs, multipliers, adders, RAM, ROM, and registers.