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Synonyms for adapter

a musician who adapts a composition for particular voices or instruments or for another style of performance

device that enables something to be used in a way different from that for which it was intended or makes different pieces of apparatus compatible


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Other products included and price reductions are as follows (adapter card reductions are based on 20-pak pricing): NE2500plus 10Mbps ISA bus adapter card, 17.
The PM8308 SATA Dual Port Adapter Card is available now and priced at $95 in prototype volume.
As with all Allied Telesyn adapter cards, the AT-2560TX is supported with a lifetime warranty, advance replacement, and free technical support.
Nasdaq: PTON), continuing to develop new technologies for its broad line of client/server connectivity products, today announced RapidMAC, new microcode for its Token Ring network adapter cards that can boost performance by up to 220 percent.
High-end servers, PCs, and Macintosh computers are becoming more prevalent in networks demanding high performance and low latency," said George Prodan, director of marketing for adapter cards.
The company's product line includes ATM switches, adapter cards, LAN access products, and video adapters.
This new line of adapter cards provides the user with all the features found in the adapters provided by the name brands of the industry, at the best price/performance ratio available in the market today," said Jack Moyer, President of ANET Systems, Inc.
was recently selected by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems to supply Fiber Distributed Data Interface ("FDDI") adapter cards for application in the U.
We are extremely proud to show our 100VG-AnyLAN adapter card prototypes," said Karyn Mashima, vice president, corporate marketing.
Rixon Network's highly successful, optimal performing 2250-FD series FDDI PMC adapter card is currently deployed onboard hundreds of U.
Zenith Data Systems will integrate Proteon's ProNET-4/16 Plus Series Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) Token Ring adapter card into its line of Z-400+ and Z- STATION lines of personal computers.
For the three months ended July 31, 2004, the Company reported today the total net revenue from its storage and security, adapter card, frame relay and service businesses of $1.
NYSE:CY), a leading provider of USB technology, today announced a unique new CompactFlash USB host adapter card that enables mobile professionals to connect multiple USB devices such as USB mini Flash hard drives, full-size USB keyboards, and USB printers to their PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).
The RISC processor on the 8em host adapter card relieves the host CPU of managing printer tasks.
A new enterprise-class RAID host adapter card for small computer networks is available now from Pacific Digital Corporation.