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Synonyms for Adams

American Revolutionary leader and patriot

6th President of the United States

2nd President of the United States (1735-1826)

a mountain peak in southwestern Washington in the Cascade Range (12,307 feet high)

References in classic literature ?
John Adams, the second President of the United States and the equal of crowned kings, was once a schoolmaster and country lawyer.
I will be pantaloon, if you like," said Colonel Adams, taking his cigar out of his mouth, and speaking for the first and last time.
There sat Colonel Adams, still unaffectedly dressed as a pantaloon, with the knobbed whalebone nodding above his brow, but with his poor old eyes sad enough to have sobered a Saturnalia.
This is a very painful matter, Father Brown," said Adams.
Nothing of the sort shall be suggested," said Colonel Adams, with a firm look at Fischer, which rather implied that some such thing had been suggested.
Adams died, when no one was in a mood to ask questions.
Furthermore, it was ten years since he had been stolen from Port Adams by Fanfoa, and he was homesick.
Port Adams was now three years and a half away, so he stole a canoe one night, hid on the islets in Manning Straits, passed through the Straits, and began working along the eastern coast of Ysabel, only to be captured, two-thirds of the way along, by the white men on Meringe Lagoon.
He landed at Port Adams with a wealth of rifles and tobacco such as no one man had ever possessed before.
Captain Adams,' cried Westwood, hastily, 'I call you to witness that this was fairly done.
No got pants," Noah announced with a grin that broadened as Adamu Adam took to flight.
Adams had an early interest in the arts, specializing in art at the Brentwood Preparatory School.
I have chosen to be very specific about it,'' said Adams, attempting to define Minimalism.
Bunting, Moss Adams chairman and incoming AICPA chairman of the board, and William E.
I cannot accept that we are only good enough to be Toronto's dump," says Belanger, who believes developing the Adams Mine as a landfill sets a dangerous precedent for every abandoned open pit to be converted into a future dumping ground for southern Ontario waste.