Adam's Peak

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a mountain peak in south central Sri Lanka (7,360 feet high)

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Adam's Peak is first on the list is revered as a holy mountain by Buddhists, Hindu, Muslims and Christians alike.
It lies at the foot of the 2243 metre high Adam's Peak considered sacred by major religions in Sri Lanka.
Six weeks after my ascent of mighty Adam's Peak, I decided I was finally ready for another challenge .
The 30-year-old believes that divine intervention guided her to the country's holiest shrine - Adam's Peak - instead of her beach resort.
Adam's Peak (SriPada) in the middle of the Peak Wilderness Sancutary is as a cred place where it is said the 'footprint' in the rock atop the rust-red peak is where Adam first set foot on earth after being exiled from Eden.
There is such a mountain in Sri Lanka, Adam's Peak And it serves as a metaphor for what needs to be accomplished as much as Balasuriya serves as a metaphor for the Vatican's Asian anxieties.