Robert Adam

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Scottish architect who designed many public buildings in England and Scotland (1728-1792)


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Bill, Angela and Chris, Michelle and Michael, Adam, James and Olivia.
Devoted grandmother to Adam, James, Sophie, William, Katherine, Charles, George, Hayley, Eleanor, Nicolas, Arabella, Kate, Matthew, Edward, Sebastian, and Zoe.
As commitment-phobe Adam, James, 35, holds the dubious honour of being the only actor in living memory to clench a rose between the naked cheeks of his bottom on primetime TV.
Unlike Adam, James is married - to Sonia - and the couple, who live in Dulwich, South-East London, have a young daughter Peggy.
DIG THE SUIT: Left, Thornaby Community School pupils, from left, Shaun, Adam, James, Russel and James; CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Jenny, Josh, Tasha, Adam, Laura, Amanda, Gav, Abbie, Rianna and Paul; SHARP DRESSERS: Left, Andrew, Shaun, Paul, Andrew, James and Adam; DRESSED TO KILL: Above, from left, Liam, Sophie, Robyn, James, Andrew and Paul; LIMO: Shaun, Danny, James, Becki, Emma, Shaun, Andrew, Paul, Michael and Adam; GLAMOUR: Jenny, Tasha, Christina, Amanda, Lauren, Kerry and Chelsea