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Synonyms for ad hoc

for present purposes


  • for present purposes
  • when needed
  • as the need arises

Words related to ad hoc

often improvised or impromptu

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for or concerned with one specific purpose

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A nine-member ad-hoc committee had been formed by the Supreme Court to govern matters of the PMDC until election of the next regime.
The ad-hoc council has taken the charge and will convene its first meeting on January 18.
An ad-hoc relief allowance-2016 at the rate of 10 percent of the running basic pay of BPS-2016 to the civil employees of the Federal Government would also be allowed with effect from July 01, 2016 till further orders.
Regarding the appointment of ad-hoc judges, the chairman said that all the bar associations would be consulted and acquire their opinions and point of views on this matter.
According to Wikipedia, a Wireless Ad-Hoc network "is a decentralized type of wireless network.
On April 11, the Constitutional Court (KS) declared unconstitutional the ad-hoc committee set up to examine activities of former President and Vice President Georgi Parvanov a Angel Marin.
In the post-budget media briefing, Finance Secretary Salman Siddique said the 50 percent ad-hoc relief allowance would be applicable to their running basic pay and not to their initial basic pay.
Following attributes should be considered for security of ad-hoc networks [11], in routing protocols perspective:
As with the comments, the AFS 10E MACT Ad-hoc Committee will continue to play a key role in working with the EPA to resolve our issues and shape a set of final standards that reflect foundry practices and meet the needs of the Clean Air Act.
Report Results: Quite often the result of an application--a report, for instance--is an ad-hoc data source.
According to Rheingold, the Manila protesters and the Palm Pilot-wielding demonstrators who disrupted the World Trade Organization's 1999 Seattle meeting were avatars of a new form of social organization: the "smart mob," an ad-hoc alliance formed fleetingly by people who may not know one another but share a common, immediate goal and can communicate instantaneously.
SANTA CLARITA - The City Council on Tuesday unanimously appointed 16 community members to an ad-hoc committee that will help select Santa Clarita's next city manager.
tracks the activities of various government oversight agencies and suggests potential topics for ad-hoc subcommittees.
According to Gordon Hartogensis, CEO at Auric Technology, "Auric has recognized that the ability to produce ad-hoc reports for potential customers during a demo is a critical competitive advantage.
ISLAMABAD -- Finance Minister, Mohammad Ishaq Dar Friday announced merger of another ad-hoc relief (2015-16) in the basic salary of government employees and then ten per cent raise on it.