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treatment of pain or disease by inserting the tips of needles at specific points on the skin

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Albert Bohbot became interested in acupunture early in his career and with the help of an engineer subsituted an infrared laser for needles.
Ishida Y: A theoretical analysis of oriental medicine, 1: Acupunture.
THE story of President, the bull that needed acupunture to get rid of nervous tension so he could "service" a herd of cows (The Mirror, May 19), reminded me of a joke from about 50 years ago.
Myofascial trigger points: Pathophysiology and correlation with acupunture points.
Helmut Schimmel, one of Voll's students, simplified the process by using fewer acupunture points and placing ampulses of organ tissue, homopathics, or other "medicaments" into the circuit.
CORRIE star Tracy Shaw leaves an acupunture clinic in her bid to quit smoking - so she can have a baby.
MOTHERS Against Drugs believe a revoutionary method of acupunture could be the way to beat heroin.