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nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (trade names Acular and Toradol) that is administered only intramuscularly

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As there is an increased risk of CMO to the second eye in patients that have CMO in their first operated eye, (7) Acular was also prescribed prophylactically for the right eye.
TOM Mullins believes John Smith's Grand National candidate Chelsea Harbour ticks all the right boxes for Saturday's Aintree spect acular.
District Judge Martin Jenkins in San Francisco upheld Allergan's and Syntex LLC's patent on Acular solution.
Set to music by Shostakovich, the ballet depicts a retired vampire choreographer, Vladimir Acular, who auditions and rehearses (then kills or seduces) dancers for a Halloween cabaret show.
For patients using NSAIDs, more ophthalmologists primarily prescribe Acular LS from Allergan, yet a larger proportion rank Xibrom from ISTA Pharmaceuticals as the top brand.
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acular conclusion to the also saw members of the Oak Maritime Historical Soeriod costume and arm themh a cannon, muskets and ols.
d) Prescribe, or refer for, topical prednisolone and acular four times daily until resolution