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Synonyms for activity

Synonyms for activity

energetic physical action

Synonyms for activity

any specific behavior

(chemistry) the capacity of a substance to take part in a chemical reaction

a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings)

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Considering coupling effect, the activity coefficient of components i or j in membrane (State III) may be obtained using the following Eq.
In thermodynamics of swelling process activity coefficient of a component in the membrane is not only influenced by interaction between that component and the membrane polymer (i.
Partial pressure of a component on feed side was obtained by multiplying its activity coefficient with mol fraction and saturated vapor pressure, whereas partial pressure on permeate (downstream) side was obtained by multiplying downstream pressure (~1 mm Hg) with mol fraction of the permeate (Eq.
Hence, the VLE model itself is valid at low acid gas partial pressures even though the parameters of the activity coefficient model were not fitted in this range (Kundu, 2004).
2/kmol amine [gamma] activity coefficient [psi] objective function for regression Subscripts a, X anion c, M cation n,n' neutral solvent species cal calculated value ex experimental value s solvent i ionic or neutral solute w water solvent
The mean activity coefficients calculated by eq (1) from these smoothed values of E and the values of E[degrees] given in table 1 are summarized in table 3.
The activity coefficients and other thermodynamic properties of hydrochloric acid are dependent not upon the value of E[degrees] but on the difference E-E[degrees].
However, in the nonideal polymer mixture, there is always a positive or negative deviation from Raoult's law, and the activity coefficient differs from the value of 1.
13 Greek Letter [zeta] dimensionless distilled mass [alpha] nonrandomness factor in the polymer NRTL model [gamma] I activity coefficient [PHI] I volume fraction in the polymer NRTL model [tau] parameter in the polymer NRTL model Subscripts ai id Superscripts 1D cis formed component 2D trans formed component D double bond E esterification i,j component indexes I isomerization s saturated component Abbreviations Cis cis formed component COOH acid end group Dbb unsaturated double bond in MA DP degree of polymerization E ester FA fumaric acid MA MA end group MAD maleic anhydride OH hydroxyl group [POLY.
When an elastomer is in equilibrium with a nonideal solution, activity coefficients based upon the constituent volume fractions are introduced.
Activity coefficients for solvent blends may be obtained from vapor pressure observations or from computational schemes such as NRTL [12], UNIFAC [13], and others.
This chapter gives a consistent and axiomatic approach to fluid thermodynamics; it avoids using activity coefficients.