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a defensive missile designed to shoot down incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles

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IPALCO and IPL implemented Oracle Financials in 1998, adding Activity Based Management (ABM) in 1999 to retain their competitive edge as deregulation ups the ante.
Several financial iSeminars occur monthly, offering thorough analysis and solutions in areas like Strategic Finance, Balanced Scorecard, Activity based Management, Business Intelligence, Internet Procurement and Projects.
VISION specializes in affordable Activity Based Management, or ABM, software solutions, and has developed proven, easy-to-use, enterprise-wide solutions that help its clients identify the true costs of their activities and provide decision-makers with the analytical tools, models and methodologies to effectively evaluate business processes.
Contract awarded for upgrade of activity based management application
He is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Michigan and a Certified Activity Based Management Trainer from Sapling Corporation.
DDI's newest offering, ENEWEL, introduces the first web-based platform for activity based costing, activity based management and statistical process control, particularly suited to service industry environments.
Costing and Activity Based Management (ABM) is rapidly changing from a staid, annual manufacturing-oriented process into an essential real-time decision component used to assess profitability for new products, channels, and customers.