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the act of hearing attentively

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He is also adept at the practice of active listening and dedicated to building the doctor-patient relationship.
Training focuses not so much on sales techniques as on active listening and probing skills.
Thus their narratives portrayed a combination of longing to be heard and testimonials about how the power of active listening can aid in cross-cultural communication.
Positive behaviors include: active listening, empathizing, disarming, inquiring, using "I feel" statements, and recognizing how internal dialogue impacts emotional reactions.
To achieve this level of active listening, the listener must focus and pay attention, comprehend and verify what is being said by asking questions.
Each of us recognizes the need for active listening in our professional lives.
The concept of active listening will be addressed as will deficiencies commonly identified in patient communication.
According to Tomatis, it seems that the integration apparently designed into the "loop" best works its intended health and sense of well-being when the body is making its own sounds and when active listening is in place.
Active listening skills will help here and we'll discuss them later.
Additional information about how to use nonthreatening "I" messages instead of an excess of accusatory speech, the skill of active listening, and how to effectively communicate through technological venues.
The core of the book outlines the skills, such as active listening, reflecting feelings, asking questions, relaxation training, and offering feedback, and provides examples of their use and activities for each chapter.
They introduce 0-4-yearolds to music through games, singing and active listening.
While hearing is a function of biology, active listening skills must be acquired and developed.
In the Communications workshop we look at many aspects of the subject, including active listening, the barriers of communication and how we can overcome obstacles to understanding one another.
A particularly instructive resource that addresses the concept of active listening is Listening: The Forgotten Skill.
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