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a citizen who takes an active role in the community (as in crime prevention and neighborhood watch)

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Facilitators on Active Citizenship by British Council in collaboration with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) and University of Malakand (UoM).
The participants of the Active Citizenship Programme expressing their views told that this event had provided them with a tremendous opportunity in exploring their potentials and using their capabilities towards making the teaching method an interesting exercise, especially in the interest of students during the entire process of learning.
He and others spoke of the importance of the social cohesion created by willing and active citizenship, which gives the UAE an important strategic advantage at a time of great turmoil as some other nations in the region are collapsing and are in chaos.
Moreover, active citizenship required a critical perspective toward the ideas and circumstances of life so that viewpoints could be debated without blind adherence to any particular doctrine.
He also agreed that active citizenship needs to be encouraged.
The Trust works on supporting and incubating local initiatives, encouraging active citizenship, entrepreneurship and volunteerism, building capacities, sharing knowledge, and establishing partnerships with individuals and civil society organizations to advocate development issues.
About Adelphi University: Adelphi is a world class, modern university with excellent and highly relevant programs where students prepare for lives of active citizenship and professional careers.
Launching the fourth of a series of discussion papers, titled "Towards Democratic Empowerment and Active Citizenship", the Jordanian Monarch laid out his vision for the process of democratization and reform and how active citizenship can guide the way for Jordan's future.
Among his topics are studying education policy, imagining the new citizen, teaching and learning citizenship, rights and responsibilities, community and diversity, and active citizenship.
The awards are open to every man and woman living in Wales who makes a contribution to society and encourages active citizenship.
In 2006, I founded the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC), a non-profit charity that works to ensure our country's newest citizens feel welcome and included, and that engages all Canadians in active citizenship.
She added: "Literacy is a core life skill, without which later chances of full employment and active citizenship are greatly reduced.
It will encourage integration and active citizenship through the provision of information, advice and support in Huddersfield and aim to address a lack of employment opportunities and support access to training and development to facilitate this.
It found the "large majority" provide some opportunities for active citizenship - 95 per cent of prisons have 'race representatives' and 89 per cent have 'Samaritan Listeners'.
THE Government's "big society" initiative aims to mobilise active citizenship, volunteering in the community and activate grassroots entrepreneurship.
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