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Developers can easily interface with Active Server Pages to build custom IVR applications that tightly integrate with Active Server powered web pages and legacy databases.
Stored in a legacy database, this information can be automatically accessed either via an Active Server Page on a web site or by a vendor using a touch-tone telephone and entering identification information.
Active Server Pages enables powerful component-based,
Active Server Pages gives developers the ability to use standard front-end tools, components, programming/scripting languages, and databases to build Web-based applications quickly and easily.
A*Asprox zombies target Microsoft's Active Server Pages
The software is based on proven server technologies including Active Server Pages, Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC and Pendragon SyncServer.
The new Web site utilizes newer technologies, such as Flash and Active Server Pages," says Lisa Smith Morbark marketing specialist and webmaster.
The new Gadget Web Services for InterAction take advantage of a tiered application server written in JAVA and using Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) code.