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ArcanaNetworks also announced the release of their new Service Activation Framework, which builds on the extensible architecture of Provisioneer and provides mechanisms to connect operational tasks together to activate complex services.
The PTC also initiated efforts to standardize a mapping from OMG IDL(TM) (Interface Definition Language) to WMLscript, a scripting language based on the Wireless Markup Language, and to standardize an activation framework for persistent CORBA servers.
It is part of the AXiOSS(tm) product suite, comprising O2S (Order to service), IMS (Inventory Management System) and SAFE (Service Activation Framework Environment).
Voyager ORB includes a universal naming service, activation framework, publish/subscribe, and mobile agent technology.
Juniper Networks provides high-performance, scalable systems tailored to meet the needs of these evolving IP infrastructures, while Axiom's Order-to-Service (O2S), Inventory Management (IMS) and Service Activation Framework Environment (SAFE) enable Service Providers to roll out new service offerings at greater speed, to more users.
112, where LEIF will be used to show how a complex, extensible Java application can leverage advanced JavaBeans technologies including JFC, InfoBus, BeanContext, JavaBeans Activation Framework, and Drag and Drop APIs.