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an ancient town on a promontory in western Greece

the naval battle in which Antony and Cleopatra were defeated by Octavian's fleet under Agrippa in 31 BC

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Antony probably lost the Battle of Actium because he couldn't feed his troops, not because Cleopatra lured him away.
Augustus, following his victory at Actium, paid off his loyal troops with cash bonuses and private land grants (Frank 1940, 2-4, 14-15), instituted tax cuts by curbing tax-farming abuses, and protected private-property rights.
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Further internecine strife erupted subsequently between Octavian (later to be called Augustus) and Marc Antony, leading to the latter's rout together with his Egyptian consort, Cleopatra, at Actium in 31 BCE.
The battle of Actium in 31 BC resulted in the defeat of the forces of which famous partnership?
The battle of Actium in 31 BC resulted in the rear its young in a pouch - kangaroo, defeat of the forces of which famous opossum, koala, platypus, wombat?
Augustus's breast plate features two sphinxes, referring to his victory over Mark Antony in the battle of Actium.
Vivid in the center were the bronze-beaked Ships and the fight at sea off Actium.
In point of fact, when Virgil describes the battle fought between the Roman gods and the Egyptian gods at Actium, he specifically mentions 'Anubis the barker', the jackal-headed deity, by name rather than crocodile-headed Sobek.
Opposing sides divide the rowboats, and Actium is fought again: you lead your slaves in battle order; your brother is the foe, your pond the Adriatic, till winged Victory arrives, bringing one of you a leafy crown.
Marc Antoine etait blesse apres la defaite a Actium et etait transporte au mausolee funebre oE la reine le rejoint.
His cause began to collapse in 32 BC, when Octavian made a case against him in the Senate, and the next year a naval battle at Actium between Octavian forces and the combined navies of Antony and Cleopatra, ended in disaster and rout.
It was united with Crete after Antony's defeat at the Battle of Actium in 31BC.
the battle of Actium (31 BC) as the beginning of a new era, and then separated