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We learned program design, administration, case study methods, action learning, teaching materials, and research.
We'll explore the tangible benefits of action learning based on the experience of Atlantic Health System (AHS), a multi-hospital system with more than 10,000 employees, 2,800 affiliated physicians, more than 800,000 outpatient visits and 1,300 licensed beds.
Overall I have enjoyed undertaking this action learning project and I feel that I have grown as an effective literacy educator who has an interest in technology.
Reflections and learning from using action learning sets in a healthcare education setting.
DeRose is a partner with Action Learning Associates, a consulting firm specializing in development and delivery of CEO-driven, large-scale transformation.
During 20 days over a period of 10 months, delegates also take part in personal coaching sessions, action learning sets, experiential team building and take part in shadowing and exchange.
The captains' course also focuses on the transfer of training into the workplace with the Action Learning Plan.
PARTICIPANTS in the Crown Prince's International Scholarship Programme's (CPISP) sixth annual Action Learning Programme have delivered their final presentations.
It will run events, workshops and seminars for networking and dissemination of research; continuing professional development and short courses; and industry-based action learning projects.
Their topics include the employer's rationale, writing and maintaining a non-medical prescribing policy for an organization, using electronic learning, action learning and learning sets, keeping up with pharmacology, and organizing and running a journal club.
In response, some business schools have moved to providing their MBA students with innovative action learning activities, such as consultancy projects at MIT, Yale, or Duke (Bisoux, 2006).
In light of expanding support for design thinking's addition to business practice and, therefore, to business education, and considering the heretofore lack of empirical validation for such a claim, we designed a graduate course in which the principles of design thinking were applied through action learning and reflective practice, and their implications explored qualitatively.
The course development and participation experience is discussed in relation to action learning as a model for nurse professional development.
The learning cycle and action learning are close buddies, enjoying total rapport.
In the new areas of T&D the author has added Computer- based Training, Grid Training, SSL Technology, Modular Programme, Walkabout, Action Learning, Competency-based Learning, Out -bound Training, Self- efficacy Training and Neuro- Linguistic Programming.
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