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any of a series of radioactive elements with atomic numbers 89 through 103

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Table 1 shows my longest elemental words for the 18 groups, counting the lanthanides and actinides as part of Group 3.
Octupole states in deformed actinide nuclei with the interacting boson approximation.
The autistic, schizophrenic and nair population have increased actinide dependent cytochrome F420 activity suggestive of endosymbiotic archaeal growth.
Covering first metal complexes then transition metal chemistry, they discuss such topics as the correct empirical formula of complexes, isomerism and stereochemistry, metal carbonyls and nitrosyls, the vanadium group, and the actinides.
Lithex tenements cover areas which contain the valuable transition metal minerals including tin, tantalum, niobium, alkali metals including lithium, potassium and with scope to define rare mineral lanthanides and actinides -- rare earth minerals.
For example, monosodium titanate (MST) (1) and sodium nonatitanate (SNT) (2) are amorphous or poorly crystalline materials that are effective ion-exchange materials for the removal of strontium and actinides (e.
Thorium reactors burn waste actinides, including plutonium generated in uranium reactors, increasing power generation, while at the same time reducing problem waste.
All these metals form very stable chelates including all the isotopes of U an Th, and even the actinides such as Np an Pu.
Actinium was the key element in giving the modern periodic table its shape, since Seaborg and his colleagues decided to cleave all the heavy elements known at the time--now called the actinides, after their first brother--and cordon them off at the bottom of the table.
Because there is relatively little presence of plutonium and other actinides of long half-life in the defense wastes, the period of hazard for these wastes may be as short as 10,000 years, compared to up to a million years for spent fuel.
Advanced fuel cycles would ultimately integrate partitioning and transmutation (P&T) of minor actinides into the waste disposal process.
Giving details of the project, KS Parthasarthy, senior scientist at the Department of Atomic Energy said the AHWR300-LEU Advanced Heavy Water Reactor, produces much less plutonium and minor actinides compared to Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR) which is the mainstay internationally.
Radioactivity and nuclear processes and properties are generally considered the reserve of physics, but there is a subspecialty of chemistry that incorporates such phenomena as factors in the chemistry of radioactive elements such as the actinides, radium, and radon and of equipment such as nuclear reactors designed to perform nuclear processes.
Then he spent four years at Los Alamos National Laboratory, at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, studying low-temperature physical properties of various materials, including actinides such as plutonium.