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a genus of sea anemone common in rock pools

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Gulf of Mexico, where the Discoverer Enterprise's operational performance improved significantly and in the Middle East, where the semisubmersible rig Actinia was reactivated.
These events, coupled with expected downtime due to rig mobilizations, including the drillship Deepwater Discovery to West Africa, the semisubmersible rigs Jack Bates and Actinia to Australia and India, respectively, and jackup rigs Trident VI and J.
solidissima (Longo 1976, Longo & Anderson 2005), as well as in the annelid Urechis caupo (Paul 1975) and the cnidarian Actinia fragacea (Larkman & Carter 1984).
North Sea Actinia 1982 Spain Sedco 135D 1966 Brazil Drillstar (B) 1982 U.
Possible cryptic speciation within the sea anemone Actinia equina complex detected by AFLP markers.
Drilling continues on the Bumi North-1 exploratory well with a second semi-submersible rig, the Actinia, approximately 15 km (9 miles) north-northeast of Bumi-1.
During the quarter, the semisubmersible rig Actinia, which had been under charter, was acquired.
At March 31, 1996, our fleet consisted of 77 rigs: 33 land and 44 offshore, now including the Laffit Pincay and Actinia, which are operated under management contracts.