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an acting technique introduced by Stanislavsky in which the actor recalls emotions or reactions from his or her own life and uses them to identify with the character being portrayed

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The word 'theatre' was interpreted widely to cover, for example, activities that go on in theatre buildings, theatrical activities outside theatres, professional and amateur theatre, the business of theatre, stage design, the history of theatre buildings, acting technique, or theatre outside the British Isles that relates directly to the history and technique of the British theatre.
s r n d They've been told Nou Camp is an innovative acting technique - and that Drogba invented it.
During the eight-week program, such issues as character development, the creative impulse, acting technique and stage movement are illustrated and developed in music and staging rehearsals for opera productions and in a series of master classes alongside sessions on other important aspects of a singer's career.
Joining forces with what she dubs the "society of retrospective listeners" (14), an influx of studies attentive to the soundscapes of places and past eras that counter the visual turn in recent Romantic scholarship and in theater history more generally, Pascoe conducts her journey, ill-fated as it must be, with gusto and returns with insights into eighteenth-century dramatic repertoire and acting technique, theater architecture, and theatergoing practices re-examined through sound rather than sight.
The Method Fest, held for several years in Burbank, is named for the Stanislavsky acting technique and showcases films whose greatest strength is performances.
And now we've got the chance to see them in action as they work to the "Method" - it's not the acting technique beloved of Hollywood, but a cast- iron way of getting women into their beds by nightfall.
While Gregor was delighted that his supporting role meant sharing a key scene with the legend, he didn't indulge in his all-encompassing method acting technique.
In addition to military training, Turocy explains, "important parts of the gentleman's education were acting technique, dance and fencing classes, and the martial arts.
Campers learn about screenwriting, pre-production, acting technique, cinematography, editing and even how to market their film in the 21st century.
Amaani, 17, is represented by All Star Casting in Liverpool and attends their film acting technique classes on Hope Street.
This is not a book on acting technique or a guide to getting the right headshot or agent, but one that speaks of real-life experiences and how to navigate them with grace and style.
com/exclusives/2012/07/ashton-kutcher-steve-jobs-method-acting-apple-movie) Radar , who broke the "exclusive" story, quoted an anonymous crew member who claims to have been subjected to Kutcher's newfound acting technique.
For the seniors the workshop will consist of acting technique classes and theatre devising workshops.
Rachel said she had enrolled to study an acting technique which would help her overcome any fears about getting naked on stage or screen.
The book is meant to be a voice-acting method book, with emphasis on acting technique, with exercises presented in a sequential pattern.