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doctrine that the useful is the good

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This renders rational egoism and act utilitarianism non-moral because they either make no use of those terms or define them exclusively in terms of their own principles, and stipulatively at that.
28) We might imagine here (as with our divine command example) that the psychology of these virtuous agents (or God) is such that they are so deeply moved by suffering and happiness that they endorse a form of act utilitarianism.
Although Bagaric and Clarke claim that pretty much any of the available contemporary normative ethical theories, including deontological theories, will justify torture in these circumstances, they themselves endorse a form of consequentialism, namely, traditional hedonistic act utilitarianism [28].
In this paper it is shown that total act utilitarianism can be derived from a set of axioms that are (or ought to be) acceptable for anyone subscribing to the basic ideals of consequentialism.
Act utilitarianism deals with each and every action a person takes, while rule utilitarianism deals with the matter of consistency in the way a person acts in different situations.