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the outermost point of the spine of the shoulder blade

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Mid-arm circumference (cm) was measured at the level of mid-arm taking acromion process and olecranon as reference points.
The stationary arm was placed along the lateral midline of the humerus in line with the acromion process, and the moving arm was placed along the lateral midline of the radius in line with the radial styloid process.
Biceps and triceps thicknesses were measured at the midpoint of the upper arm, between the acromion process and the tip of the bent elbow.
Retroflective markers were placed bilaterally on the head of the first metatarsal, posterior calcaneous, lateral malleolus, lateral femoral condyle, anterior superior iliac spine, sacrum, acromion process, lateral humeral epicondyle, and ulnar head, as well as wand markers placed on midthigh and midshank (Helen Hayes marker system) (10) for gait analysis.
Partridges, in many ways morphologically similar to francolins, share such traits as the basal articular morphology of the coracoid and the possession of a projecting acromion process on the scapula, which differentiate them from smaller chickens.