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Bird Density in Open Water Body: The five highest densities in the open water body habitat were recorded for Jungle Myna - Acridotheres tristis (8.
26 birds/ha) and Common Myna - Acridotheres tristis (6.
offering roosting sites to Corvus splendens (house crows) and Acridotheres tristis (common myna).
The area is now heavily infested with abundant dried Phragmites offering roosting sites to Corvus splendens (house crows) and Acridotheres tristis (common myna).
Key words: hepatomegaly, ovarian tumor, 3-dimensional ultrasonography, avian, common mynah, Acridotheres tristis
Colonisation of the Middle East by the invasive common myna Acridotheres tristis with special reference to Israel.
Extension of irrigated canal system and converting surrounding lands into croplands has favored species such as Indian wild boar, Black-naped hare, Porcupine, Millardia meltada (Soft-furred field rat), Mus booduga (Little Indian field mouse), Bandicota bengalensis (Sindh rice rat), Nesokia indica (Short-tailed mole rat), Bubulcus ibis (Cattle egret), Ardeola grayii (Indian pond heron), black francolin, grey francolin, Acridotheres tristis (Common myna) and Passer domesticus (House sparrow).
These were cattle egret Bubulcus ibis, bank myna Acridotheres ginginianus, crested lark Galerida cristata and black drongo Dicrurus macrocercus.
9,10) Based on research in European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris)II and mynahs (Gracula religiosa religiosa and Acridotheres trisits trisits), (8) these birds appear to be susceptible to ISD because they are more efficient at absorbing iron from their diets and do not down-regulate iron absorption when iron replete.