sympathetic vibration

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(physics) vibration produced by resonance

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Finishing bells remains tedious and manual, and scrap is common considering the instrument's necessary fine grain structure for acoustic resonance.
In this paper, we calculate the perturbations of the acoustic resonances of gas-filled cavities caused by circular ducts used either for gas flow or as acoustic waveguides coupled to remote transducers.
Then the airplane will undergo flight-testing with the telescope door open to check aerodynamics and for acoustic resonance, vibrations much like blowing on the top of a coke bottle, Meyer said.
Next, the scientists wanted to find out whether infected eggs would show a different acoustic resonance.
Finally, MSI performed an acoustic evaluation of the discharge piping to assess the potential for acoustic resonance within the 9-foot diameter manifolds leading to the lake.
Moving the first acoustic resonance higher in frequency (above 20 Hz) enables the measurement to capture the first acoustic resonance of the combustion chamber.
With their exclusive acoustic resonance therapy enhancement, which combines the healing effects of sound and vibration to balance the brainwaves bringing the body to a deeper state of relaxation, these saunas offer the ultimate full spectrum infrared sauna experience.
Finally, before the metal discs are sent out to drummers the world over, they are aged for several months to achieve the perfect acoustic resonance.
The program provided both batch output and interactive plotting in which the acoustic resonance shapes could be animated.
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