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a mechanical device that serves to connect the ends of adjacent objects

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The DSSO developed its own custom applications, including a front-end to RemoteWare, for specifying a cellular, modem, or acoustic coupler connection using a third-party application development tool.
CipherLab's CPT-8021 acoustic coupler terminal is ideal for the retail setting and is a particularly good choice as a replacement for older style terminals.
In those days, back in the early 1980s, we searched with an acoustic coupler," says Hane.
To verify the model, we measured the complex acoustic admittances of a series of circular tubes as a function of length between 200 Hz and 10 kHz using a three-port acoustic coupler.
A "Y"-splitter single-to-dual RJ-11 jack, or an acoustic coupler that attaches to almost any phone handset, lets the modem communicate audibly with the phone system.
TDDs are special phones that incorporate a standard typewriter key board, alphanumeric display, and an acoustic coupler and/ or standard RJ-11 jack for network connections.