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red pear-shaped tropical fruit with poisonous seeds

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A cost analysis revealed whether the expense of conducting Unripe ackee fruit is closed.
Examples of new and traditional recipes will form part of the presentation, and visitors can expect to be educated in the ways of traditional Jamaican foods, such as ackee fruit, breadfruit and dasheen.
In their sandwich menu you will find classics such as pan fried steak with red onion, wholegrain mustard and redcurrant jelly or a more adventurous lightly salted cod with ackee fruit, red onion and rainbow peppers, or one of their vegetarian options; Brie, avocado and mango chutney.
May Be Hepatetoxic Ackee fruit Camphor Chaparral Horse chestnut leaf Kava Kombucha Mistletoe Pennyroyal Sassafras Scullcap Senna Shark cartilage Valerian
Ann, Jamaica, received reports of eight persons with toxic hypoglycemic syndrome (THS), an illness associated with consumption of unripe ackee fruit and, possibly, renta yam; two cases were fatal.
Canned ackee fruit is available throughout the year.