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(chemistry) the amount of free acid present in fat as measured by the milligrams of potassium hydroxide needed to neutralize it

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NOMENCLATURE HFC = Hydrofluorocarbon HPLC = High Performance Liquid Chromatography IC = Ion Chomatography ICP = Inductively Coupled Plasma PAG = Polyalkylene Glycol POE = Polyolester TAN = Total Acid Number TOA = Total Organic Acid
For both WRSSB6 and WRSBO, coatings formulated with resins having an acid number of 40 gave a slightly lower [T.
The divalent calcium will only cause a noticeable problem with polymers that have a significant acid number, and in rather apolar offset ink media, the calcium will not be charged as it is in aqueous media (and therefore will not be able to interact with whatever minimal acidity does exist on the grind resin).
Also, existing corrosivity indexes such as the total acid number are insufficient indicators of a crude stock's real potential to corrode the storage tanks, pipelines and refining equipment that contain, transport and process it.
1:1, respectively, in the presence of an acid catalyst at elevated temperature, wherein said mixture comprises monostyrenated-p-cresol, distyrenated-p-cresol, and tristyrenated-p-cresol and exhibits an acid number of less than 0.
Generally, higher acid number resins with higher levels of substitution do better in these tests (resins 4,5, and 6).
The acid number of functionalized triglycerides was determined following ASTM D974-95.
Albemarle's ETHANOX biodiesel antioxidants can help producers control critical parameters of their fuels, such as oxidative stability (EN 14112), acid number and peroxide content, as well as decrease gum formation.
There are two issues of industrial significance which are usually monitored in a polyester synthesis: acid number and the refractive index of the distillate.
When a new synthetic lubricant is installed, the total acid number (TAN) will be 0.
A unique combination of properties is exhibited by this resin, including neutral pH, high water solubility, low molecular weight and high acid number.
featured new and reportedly user-friendly software for its NIR polyol analyzer system used to measure the hydroxyl value and acid number of urethane polyols both in the lab and for on-line process control.
The Total Acid Number, the Cold Soak Filterability particulate count and KF Water concentration are the lowest values ever reported for a B100 sample tested at CytoCulture.