Achilles' heel

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a seemingly small but actual mortal weakness

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THE start date of the Ocean's Eleven sequel,Ocean's 12,has been postponed for a month because co-star BradPitt suffered an Achilles' heel injury while filming the Greek epic Troy.
He used the Achilles' heel of the State's Attorney's office.
Gupta said this venture would distinguish itself through technology, flexibility and the strength of its management and sponsorship--but most of all through its approach to standards, the Achilles' heel of many previous efforts.
I had an Achilles' heel - I couldn't hit it very straight.
Euripides' dramas, Achilles' heel, Hercules' labors, and, of course, Archimedes' scrolls.
The Achilles' heel of the American system, however, is its deep reliance on high-tech production methods.
What PGE didn't mention, however, was a discovery that could be the Achilles' heel of nuclear power.
Search engines are an essential tool in the workplace, yet they can also be an Achilles' heel in corporate Web filtering policies.
AEG and other supporters, including downtown civic groups, have said the lack of a large nearby hotel is the Convention Center's Achilles' heel, and that - combined with l.
Because Myc activates a host of genes involved in cell replication, it could be considered "an Achilles' heel of cancer," says Francesco Feo of the University of Sassari in Italy.
The Insiders' Achilles' heel is that they must contain the truth in order to protect their schemes.
Do not invade the name: Make it Achilles' for the possessive - Achilles' heel, Achilles' tendon.
Vascular access is considered the Achilles' Heel of hemodialysis, contributing significantly to high mortality rates of 68% at five years.
Middle relief, as witnessed in the Angels' 6-5 comeback Thursday, looms as a potential Achilles' heel.