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United States statesman who promoted the Marshall Plan and helped establish NATO (1893-1971)

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Acheson and his staff made approximately 400 costumes, but only a few were of couture quality.
The 30-minute January 31 webcast will address the bullets below, and The Acheson Group team will also take audience questions live.
The Acheson Group will serve as the main contact point for Response XL's network of consultants in North America - a full suite of crisis management experts in multiple fields including food safety and regulatory advice, public relations firms, malicious tamper and security consultants, emergency lab testing and social media strategy among others.
Acheson was without question or apology an elitist.
Dr Acheson added: "There could be no better legacy to my incredible other half than saving lives.
So many things that he and his colleagues had believed about geopolitics were wrong, Acheson explained.
All eligible recipes in the Newman's Own "Greens for Good" Contest will be judged by Acheson, along with a panel of experts, and will be evaluated based on nutrition, creativity and the nominated charity.
IN HER first solo exhibition since leaving Saudi Arabia in 2010, artist Eli Acheson is showcasing her new body of work entitled 'Family' at Holyhead's Ucheldre Centre.
Additionally, the company has brought on celebrity chef Hugh Acheson as a consultant to help guide the changes.
THE GEORGIA BLUEBERRY COMMISSION has named celebrity chef Hugh Acheson as its new ambassador for 20 3's promotional and educational program.
Starting on March 1, Acheson Ventures had shut down the center for three weeks to implement some maintenance work for the first time in eight years.
The aforementioned Hugh, as in Chef Hugh Acheson of Top Chef and unibrow fame, is the Chef/Partner behind Five & Ten.
But Dr Peter Acheson, from the HPA, said it was working with environmental health officers from Hartlepool Council to find the potential source of the infection.
CNY Builders is working closely with Acheson Doyle Partners Architects on the project, in a design-assist capacity.
Thank you, Dick, for that kind introduction, and thank you for the invitation to deliver the fifth Dean Acheson Lecture.