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(Greek mythology) a river in Hades across which the souls of the dead were carried by Charon

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When the poem moves into the Celtic landscape, it leaves the classical world with allusions to the underworld rivers of the Cocytus and Acheron.
Estuary and Straits Acheron (GR2140001), marsh fen (GR2120002), Delta Kalama (GR2120001) and Straits Kalama (GR2120004)
In Greek mythology five rivers of the underworld are mentioned: Acheron, Cocytus, Lethe, Phlegethon (or Pyriphlegethon) and which other?
32 In Greek myth, what is the name of the ferryman who must be paid to take one across the Acheron and Styx to Hades?
Most specimens have been found on ferns or within moss and leaf litter in temperate rainforest (although several specimens have also been collected from caves: Main Cave near Montagu, Andrews River Caves and Cardia Cave near Acheron River, see Eberhard et al.
The trouble is, the Acheron is a superior craft in every way, so Captain Aubrey has his work cut out.
Weir has created a visually exciting film with an epic sweep built around around the long chase of the almost supernatural Acheron by the sprightly Surprise.
Our heroine; SpecOps-12 operative Thursday Next, is in a race with fluid time to stop fiendish Master Thief Acheron Hades.
when Dante describes the spirits falling from the bank of Acheron "as dead leaves flutter from a bough," he gives the most perfect image possible of their utter lightness, feebleness, passiveness, and scattering agony of despair, without, however, for an instant losing his own clear perception that these are souls, and those are leaves; he makes no confusion of one with the other.
Sunt mihi Dei Acherontis propitii: May the gods of Acheron favor me
1993: 56); and, most recently, Runnels (1994: 315) discovered two sites in the Acheron valley of Epirus that may be Mesolithic in date, as well as another four with similar microlithic assemblages in paleosols associated with fossil sand dunes along the coast west of Preveza (Runnels pers.
1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- "Project Acheron," an adrenaline-filled, one-hour special featuring world-class athletes testing their limits in the wilds of Patagonia for nine grueling days, is set to air on Sunday, August 3rd at 3pm ET/12pm PST on NBC.
Michael and Judy Delaney from South Tyneside have brought to life the mythical Island of Acheron and its inhabitants The Morinacs.