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Administration of chloroform fraction, isolated pyrroloquinazoline alkaloids and acetyl salicylic acid (reference drug) significantly inhibited the development of swelling from 1 to 10 h after carrageenan injection (p <0.
He was discharged on the fifth day on 300 mg of oral acetyl salicylic acid, 75 mg of clopidogrel, 2.
Aspirin belongs to this same group of substances, and its full name - acetyl salicylic acid - indicates this.
Acetyl salicylic acid 150 mg, strip of minimum 10 tablets.
15 (gender, use of statin and use of acetyl salicylic acid before hospitalization, gender, ST-elevation myocardial infarction as clinical presentation, ejection fraction, smoking, diabetes mellitus, thrombolysis, initiation of clopidogrel in the hospital and normal coronary arteries) were then entered into a multiple logistic regression analysis.