stock dividend

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a dividend paid in stock rather than in cash

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At would price would McWilliams consider accumulating shares of TI?
Is Skyworks now trading in a range where accumulating shares will work out well for investors?
Gregory Spear and his team believe it is time to begin accumulating shares of energy companies, beginning with the current dip.
With one of the strongest credit-quality profiles among banks, should investors be accumulating shares of Valley and collecting its near 5.
This New York City Conference brings together an esteemed group of renowned investment authorities who will discuss where the smart money is being directed in the Small Cap Universe; discover strategies for accumulating shares of illiquid companies; gain an understanding of accounting chicanery that may exist among small companies; discover which sectors are overvalued and overhyped; learn the various ways in which companies can be acquired and how to formulate exit strategies from positions in small companies.
Armini continued, "We intend to continue accumulating shares on the open market during the approved periods.
com recommend accumulating shares of Plains All American?
At OSI's current valuation, accumulating shares is an attractive option, as the share price is stabilizing.
The rights plan is designed to deter and to prevent an acquirer from gaining control of the company by accumulating shares in the open market or through private transactions without offering a fair price to all shareholders.
What would be a good price point to start accumulating shares of Schlumberger?