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Synonyms for acoustic

a remedy for hearing loss or deafness

of or relating to the science of acoustics


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Trisoft launched in 2014/2015 a complete line of ceiling boards as well as decorative and accoustic wall coverings for movie theaters, offices, restaurants, all made from recycled PET and 100% recyclable.
We decided the best solution was to install an accoustic curtain.
Yacopi strived to find an optimum middle ground, an instrument slightly less powerful in volume but one that is immensely responsive, capable of generating a complex, subtle range of accoustic effects.
Products investigated include milking inflations, conveyors, seals, tubing, vibration mountings, accoustic dampers, inner tubes, shoe soles and adhesives.
When you decide where to put your piano, there are accoustic considerations as well as questions of temperature.
Tenders are invited for Providing And Fixing Central Airconditioning In Ward 11 12 13 At S J Hospital New Delhi Sh Providing Accoustic In Ahu Room Of Ward 11 12 And 13
07504039605 COLOUR TV 1 9 accoustic solutions lcd hd Tel.
There was an option for the weekend of this season's final to do some accoustic stuff in America.
Stevie Nimo''s accoustic duo with Sebastien Vaivrand on Hammond organ is being held at Saltburn Community Theatre on Saturday.
Aberfeldy play an accoustic set then boyfriend and musician Chris Bradleys sings a song he wrote for her.
I am currently learning to play the accoustic guitar and when I am not practising that I am usually immersed in full combat on my Play Station.
Applications: Lamination carrier for artificial leather and car interiors, accoustic applications, secondary carpet
Pete Rimmer plays vocal and guitar, Nigel Fielding is on keyboards and vocals and and Neil Speers, a music teacher in another life, is willing to play anything from guitar electric / accoustic bass, bango, mandolin, saxaphone and piano.
The diesel has excellent low range torque and the clatter is muffled by a raft of sound deadening measures which include an accoustic, or extra laminated, windscreen on higher spec models.