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credit available at low rates of interest

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But inflation has remained stubbornly low, complicating the Fed's plan to part ways with its accommodative monetary policy.
The moderation in inflation should induce the RBI to make a shift towards a more accommodative monetary policy stance to revive investment and propel demand especially as investment demand is declining and consumer durables are in the red.
To counter another panic reaction when this happens, the Fed has already indicated that it will maintain an accommodative monetary policy and that it will continue with its zero interest rate policy.
8pc will be supported by very accommodative monetary policy, stabilising labour markets, less emphasis on austerity, improved spending power, better competitiveness in peripheral countries and greater confidence in euro zone politicians to manage their sovereign debt crisis.
a gradual shift from a less accommodative monetary policy causes a disorderly market reaction;
New York stocks rose Wednesday, with the Dow index closing at a fresh all-time high on a decision by the Federal Reserve to continue its accommodative monetary policy.
In his Congressional testimony Wednesday, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke emphasized the need for a highly accommodative monetary policy "for the foreseeable future.
markets had closed, saying the economy still needs "a highly accommodative monetary policy for the foreseeable future.
While concern over the European debt crisis remains, this year CIOs are most concerned about the impact of accommodative monetary policy (23%) followed by credit and equity market volatility (18%) and inflation (14%).
As far as macroeconomic concerns, accommodative monetary policy replaced the European debt crisis as the the greatest risk in this area.
Moreover, Draghi has stated that inflation has declined below 2pct in February as expected, and that inflationary pressures should remain contained over the coming months, while "the underlying pace of monetary expansion continues to be subdued", indicating that the ECB will continue with its accommodative monetary policy stance.
Accommodative monetary policy by central banks poses "challenges" for institutional investors and the FSB said that national supervisors would need to enhance their monitoring of credit and interest rate risk.
Muscat, Feb 15 (ONA) During the year 2012, the Omani economy continued the growth momentum aided by high crude oil prices and sustained domestic demand, supported by large public expenditure and accommodative monetary policy pursued by the Central Bank of Oman (CBO) according to the analysis published by CBO.
Later in 2013, economic activity should gradually recover, supported by our accommodative monetary policy stance, the improvement in financial market confidence.
In the statement, they also voiced concern about the adverse effect of an accommodative monetary policy adopted by advanced economies, saying it has created a surge in capital flows into their economies, increased risks to financial stability.