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Synonyms for wilderness



Synonyms for wilderness

a tract of unproductive land

an uninhabited region left in its natural state

Words related to wilderness

(politics) a state of disfavor

a wooded region in northeastern Virginia near Spotsylvania where bloody but inconclusive battles were fought in the American Civil War

a wild and uninhabited area left in its natural condition

a bewildering profusion

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We can enjoy small, compact cites, single-family homes, and uncrowded and accessible wilderness and farmlands only with a population base well below the one Congress instead delivered us to.
Forest Service and other governmental agencies provide fully accessible wilderness recreational facilities.
This partnership offers our students a role in developing what promises to be a national model for universally accessible wilderness recreation and we are thrilled to be a part of this landmark initiative which honors one of our own.
He suggested three very different locations - the Centennial Valley west of Yellowstone National Park, the Pioneer Mountains northwest of Dillon, and Seeley Lake northeast of Missoula - that offer particularly accessible wilderness experiences.
The Sudbury Region is entering the third year of a co-operative campaign which promotes Sudbury's big city conveniences nestled in an accessible wilderness.
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