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Synonyms for accessibility

Synonyms for accessibility

the quality of being at hand when needed

the attribute of being easy to meet or deal with

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Clemson chose to implement HiSoftware's Educational bundle which includes AccVerify, AccRepair and Hi-Caption Studio to manage and automate Accessibility testing, monitoring and repair across all areas of the university's Web site.
Effective techniques for carrying out accessibility testing, the potential scope of testing, myths surrounding accessibility testing, and a set of automated tools to support testing.
When we heard that the NABP was looking to partner with a technology vendor to provide automated accessibility testing for everything from a single page all the way to enterprise agreements, we knew that our Compliance Sheriff Accessibility product was the ideal fit, said Kurt Mueffelmann, president and CEO for Cryptzone.
To encourage accessibility compliance, TecAccess will offer a 15% discount on accessibility testing, training, and remediation services.
Gifford went on to say that by the end of 2003, the number of Fleet talking ATMs would increase to more than 1,400; new standard banking brochures being redone to highlight Fleet's emphasis on customer service will also be made available in Braille/Large Print versions; and new on-line banking screen reading testing software would augment Fleet's current accessibility testing.
Contract Awarded for undertake accessibility testing of ~business.
New Web site and open-source accessibility testing tools will help developers meet the growing worldwide demand for accessible technology.
Specifically, it offers independent accessibility testing for Section 508, Section 255 and other accessibility acts and legislation.
Contract Awarded for accessibility testing and assessment of 20 pws screens
BART Group, with headquarters in McLean, VA provides quality in-house disabled user accessibility testing and repair services for government and business clients.
Nationwide was a user of Bobby(TM), Watchfire's desktop standalone website accessibility testing tool, but recognized the need to deploy an enterprise accessibility testing platform to test the compliance of all of its sites.
Contract awarded for web accessibility testing and consultancy services
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