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a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine

(chemistry) a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected

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Over distances hardly more than the thickness of a coin, such laser "wakefield" accelerators can pump electrons to high energies, the scientists report.
The binary combination of TEBA with N-oxy diethylene benzthiazyl sulfenamide(NOBS) and other accelerators exhibit mutual activity.
By offloading the classification and forwarding lookups from Xelerated's Ethernet optimized X11 network processor, the IDT search accelerators enable richer services support at an aggregated 20 Gbps line rate.
The activity of accelerators is determined to a great degree by the rate and extent of crosslink formation.
In contrast, the aging accelerators now used for proton therapy were designed for basic physics research and are located in nonhospital settings.
NASDAQ:IDTI), a leading provider of vital semiconductor solutions, today announced its application-optimized network search accelerator was selected by Bay Microsystems as the packet header processing solution of choice for its recently announced Chesapeake Network Processor.
Introduction In spite of the fact that some organic compounds used as accelerators are added in small amounts (1-2 phr), they play a very important role in determining the physicomechanical properties of the obtained rubber vulcanizates (refs.
The collider, located at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Centers (SLAC) at Stanford University, consists of two main parts: a 22-year-old, extensively modified, 2-mile-long linear accelerator and a newly built section, resembling a pair of pincers at the end of a long, thin handle, carrying electrons and positrons along opposing arcs to the collision point (see diagram).
com), a leading provider of application acceleration solutions over the WAN, today announced a new addition to their Accelerator product family - the Accelerator 7940.
Whereas most high-powered electron accelerators hurl "pulses' of electrons, all bunched together, toward the target nucleus, CEBAF is designed to shoot the electrons in a single-file stream.
Combining the performance and efficiency of Alacritech Accelerators with netBoot/i offers IT managers the best of both worlds -- fast, efficient IP SAN connectivity and seamless iSCSI booting for all their Windows-based servers.
According to LCDR Fahey, the Accelerators enable the C2OTM network "to reach back and pull Common Operational Picture (COP) and have a live COP.
Established in 1962, SLAC has won numerous awards including three Nobel prizes in physics while pursuing its mission to design, construct and operate state-of-the-art electron accelerators and related experimental facilities for high-energy physics and synchrotron radiation research.
Managing WAN Accelerators over Servers- Expand's WAN Accelerators are packaged with a centralized management tool that auto-configures, monitors and reports on Accelerators deployed across the distributed network.
The company's Accelerators take Application Traffic Management to the next level by employing a modular and intelligent application architecture that eliminates complexities associated with traditional traffic management solutions.