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Synonyms for acceleration

Synonyms for acceleration

the act of accelerating

(physics) a rate of increase of velocity

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Show them the map about accelerated motion (Figure 15) as a synthesis of the information given.
Among them are Galileo's experiment with inclined planes that established a mathematical formula for accelerated motion, Isaac Newton's unraveling of the nature of light and color, and Thomas Young's two-slit experiment that revealed the wavelike character of light.
And not only in the phenomena of the pendulum did he discover regularity; the investigation of motion along a sloping plane convinced him after many measurements that all phenomena of gravity could be described in the most simple way by means of uniformly accelerated motion.
Innovative features such as enhanced image processing, accelerated motion capture, and lens shading compensation coupled with a strong emphasis on system level cost reductions and extended battery life, result in an unprecedented digital camera solution," said Coby Sella, vice president and general manager, Digital Camera Division, at Zoran.
Life has moved in accelerated motion for Mika, a Beirut-born, London-bred songwriter, since releasing his debut album in 2007.
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