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an honorary group of French writers and thinkers supported by the French government

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As for Nimier, he lengthily intervenes in three key moments: the campaign for the election of Paul Morand at the Academie francaise, the Nobel awarded to Pasternak, and Boris Vian's death (Dambre, Les ecrivains sont-ils betes?
So much for the efficiency of the Academie Francaise.
Amin Maalouf was elected Thursday as a member of the prestigious Academie Francaise (French Academy), the body which acts as an official authority on the French language.
When he died he "was buried in a pauper's grave", and Cuvier's obituary of Lamarck was so vicious that the Academie Francaise in publishing a memorial volume to Lamarck refused to publish Cuvier's contribution.
Elections in the Academie Francaise were held that year and in this fierce monsoon not a single vote was cast in Zola's favour.
Within a year the Academie Francaise bestowed on it their prize for the best literary biography of 2007.
Written in French by the American-born and Yale-educated Jonathan Littell, The Kindly Ones made headlines in France for being only the second novel in the nation's history to win both the Grand Prix du Roman of the Academie Francaise and the Prix Goncourt.
Britland acknowledges that the play does not appear in lists of Boisrobert's plays, but hypothesizes that it was specially commissioned by Richelieu as part of his cultural program just as he was creating the Academie Francaise.
Although he displayed great insolence to institutions all his life (and with the Academie Francaise he was simply rude), Alain Robbe-Grillet was forever devoted and deeply grateful to the first institution in his life, the Institut National Agronomique (Paris-Grignon).
The Academie Francaise is infamous for its efforts to stop--and failures to block--English loan words like le weekend and la sexe-appeal.
12: The Academie francaise, the semi-official body of 40 so-called "Immortals" guarding the French language, was founded in which year (20 either way)?
The Academie francaise, the semiofficial body of 40 so-called "Immortals" guarding the French language, was founded in which year (20 either way)?
Its merits can be gauged by the fact that Julien Green, a member of the Academie Francaise, in a Preface to the French translation of the novel, described it as 'an extraordinarily captivating book.
Deux historiens a l'Academie" sheds light on the complex character of Louis Duchesne, Bremond's predecessor at the Academie francaise, and more broadly on the condition of Catholic historians of the time, especially the constraints they experienced.
Editorial note: Saint-Exupery went on to serve as a special correspondent for Paris-Soir during the Spanish civil war, received the Grand prix of the Academie Francaise in 1939, and published Le petit prince in 1943.
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