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Some of these societies were well established institutions existing for centuries, like the Academie francaise, others were short-lived like the ephemeral "Altdorfer Ceres-Gesellschaft" whose playful statutes read like a parody of those of more serious societies and whose meetings were characterized by a high consumption of beer and production of epitaphs on dogs (cf.
Hoosier Academies strives to help students discover their individual learning style.
We reported earlier this year how the DfE was understood to be advocating that Haydon Bridge become an academy, a month after Prime Minister David Cameron announced that all schools rated as "requiring improvement" or "inadequate" by Ofsted could be given new leadership and converted to academies.
If we cannot, then regional academies would be the next best option.
The Charity Commission has recently published a new Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) which affects all charities and academies.
All funding for academies goes directly to heads to spend directly on education - in the past local authority schools saw as much as 10% of their budget held back by their local council.
She said that according to the council's own analysis that four of the 41 schools have not even converted to academies yet and are still run by the Local Education Authority, while one school converted only last month.
But once the academies are in place, there is a plan to convert the centre into a regional academy.
MORE and more Kirklees secondary schools are joining the rush to become academies.
But on e in four of existing academies have needed extra cash, the National Audit Office found.
Academies also have control over their budgets, including cash for maintenance and repairs.
Members of the academies discussed topical issues covering language and literature, through the visual and performing arts, to science, technology, medicine and astronomy.
PAID for directly by the Government, academies are free to set their own curriculum.
Chair: Bill Watkin, Operational Director, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust
The CISM World Cadet Games are an international multi sports competition organized every four years open to the current military students and cadets of land force academies, naval academies, air force academies, and other military academies.