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the academic world

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Several universities have released add-on packages to Simics that provide the ability to quickly get started in productive research, making Simics a leading simulation platform for academic work in multiprocessors and multicore.
Moreover, the deal will target on the academic work on areas consist of air pollution and its control, waste water treatment, solid and hazardous waste treatment, environmental management and chemical engineering.
Actually, it's a fairly unreconstructed academic work, with a series of alarmingly manualish headings (2.
In addition, Angelo (1999) stated that assessment practices should help students develop the skills, dispositions, and knowledge needed to engage actively--intellectually and emotionally--in their academic work (Martin, 2002).
But once I started university I found the academic work increasingly difficult and I ended up leaving and working in bars in Cyprus until I realised that I really wanted to be a designer and returned home.
With a study programme biased towards the more technical subjects, he found the academic work enjoyable but quite challenging and got additional one-to-one sessions outside normal study hours.
His research and academic work has been recognized at national and international level.
the Netherlands) does not provide an overview of recent discussions of the aims, methods, and organization of legal scholarship, but a sometimes personal account of doing academic work in the field of law.
It combines practical police training with academic work, covering criminal investigation, responding to and managing incidents, and reassuring and protecting the community.
But the Bill is drafted in such a way that it might well get in the way of normal academic work.
Last summer I participated in a Gilder Lehrman seminar on slavery taught by David Brion Davis; I found it to be a model of how the newest academic work in history can be introduced to school teachers.
Postdoctoral training and continued academic work has been at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and University of Michigan Medical School.
Nader and Smith even cite the leading academic work on the subject, Why Airplanes Crash, by Clinton Oster, John Strong, and Kurt Zorn (Oxford University Press, 1992), only to dismiss it as merely "statistical history.
The academic work builds on past industry research to establish new, quantifiable metrics for understanding what drives brand growth and health.
The conference, called Accessing Government, will examine how academic work affects public health policy and is expected to kickstart a major research project.