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the academic world

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Over the past 15 years he has supported many, many students and colleagues developing their academic skills and confidence.
As for the development of academic skills, the writers have included "study skills" areas to promote critical thinking, which is new for this level of proficiency.
Students are judged on the basis of academic skills, both aviation-related and non-aviation-related extracurricular activities, and an essay about their future aviation plans.
With this companion workbook to Academic Skills Problems: Direct Assessment and Intervention, Shapiro (psychology, Lehigh U.
Using the new IBM Academic Skills Cloud, professors can access IT curricula and courses from anywhere using their laptop and help students learn the latest in technology skills.
Students must be able to apply academic skills in the workplace in order to truly be considered "career ready.
Refining the experimental analysis of academic skills deficits: Part I.
Understanding "story structure" as an academic skill and social learning tool.
The academic skill levels compared in the study were based on job profiles from ACT's WorkKeys program and the company's College Readiness Benchmarks on its ACT college admission and placement exam.
It deepens both their life and academic skills, and when you use the arts to integrate other subjects - music for math, drama for history - it makes that course subject so much clearer to the child.
Designed to focus on the academic skills developed through general education courses, as opposed to knowledge acquired, it was created to aid colleges and universities in the assessment of the quality of instruction and learning, and to document program effectiveness.
However, identification of both the student's cognitive and academic skills profile at the time of intervention planning can be extremely valuable.
Additionally, the Navy offers a Navy College Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE) that offers both academic skills classes and college courses to sailors.
But there is a limit at which the ratio between practical skills and purely academic skills becomes untenable.
As Haskins points out, the early childhood education community has resisted a focus on academic skills in Head Start, concerned that attention to academic skills will dilute efforts to promote positive social and emotional development and that the comprehensive health services that Head Start currently provides will be abandoned.
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