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NEW YORK -- In publishing the first empirical evidence measuring the value of academic research on business school performance, NYU Stern Marketing Professor Peter Golder, with Debanjan Mitra of the University of Florida, use data to challenge the widely publicized 2005 Harvard Business Review opinion-based attack by Bennis and O'Toole on business schools for becoming too focused on research at students' expense.
developing a 10-year "catch-up' fund to spend at least an additional $10 billion on upgrading academic research facilities.
The Fund will support academic research institutions and individuals involved in post doctorate research programs and will support academic research projects in the following areas associated with AXA's business of Financial Protection:
The printed and online resources comprising The Better World Project share a remarkable collection of human interest stories that convey the importance of academic research and technology transfer in terms we all can appreciate," Fraser says.
Homework Central is the largest academic research site on the Internet offering students, parents and teachers 3.
This is the first time a CRAY Y-MP C90 has been installed at an academic research center," said John A.
The software platform, aimed at computationally-intense applications in markets such as energy exploration, financial services, defense signal processing and academic research, benefits any application requiring advanced computing horsepower, allowing engineers to leverage their existing skills and development tools to exploit the full potential of multi-core processors.
The model emphasizes strong academic collaborations that lead to the licensing and development of unique products with proof of principle and millions of academic research dollars behind them.
The Council members address matters of importance in economic litigation and related academic research.
Pioneering academic research and the willingness of investors to support the next generation of innovations have combined to make Massachusetts a world center of biotechnology," stated MBC President Thomas Finneran.
QGC will co-develop some of these products in collaboration with academic research teams and will set up strategic alliances and business partnerships to cover all of the areas of research.
Passive strategies, some of which are increasingly the focus of academic research, aim to provide returns similar to hedge funds without the need for active management.
Accellion Courier Secure File Transfer Appliance supports the secure file transfer needs of medical teaching and academic research institutions
New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research
has joined Grant Thornton LLP as part of the firm's ongoing commitment to regulatory compliance, academic research and thought leadership.
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