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orthodoxy of a scholastic variety

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THE ELECTIVE AFFINITY between French and American thought that Nesbit detects may be no more than a shared coolness toward the German philosophical tradition that has dominated academic art history since the nineteenth century.
Amira Zahid, founder of Dahesh Museum of Art, on the perfection of 19th-century academic art
Expert advice from both the commercial and academic art world is often required and experts' credentials should include membership of officially approved associations; vetting committees for major international art fairs; and their acting as consultants to major museums and collectors.
Vicente spent his childhood in Madrid, attending a Jesuit school and receiving a traditional academic art education.
The campus started out as a non-academic, technical school, but through time it has transformed into a full fledged academic art institute.
It was a rich man's folly, designed to house Hartford's collection of academic art and as a riposte to the orthodoxy of modernism, but it failed on both counts.
At the same time, academic art began to reappear on the walls of museums, including the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, where Nymphs and Satyrs now proudly hangs for all--even women and children--to see.
The winners of each of the four round-two groupings are automatic qualifiers, so that means a place in round three for Dublin academic Art Cosgrove, who could only find one winner yesterday - 3-1 Barton Sun, but that was enough to see him comfortably hold off the late challenge of Stewart Botham (two winners at 11-4 and 11-8, but a losing nap).
The boys looked extensively through many of these materials, as well as viewing a children's video of NASCAR (Indiana Academic Art Standard 9 [K.
In academic art journals, High Pink would be greeted with hosannas to "interpositionality.
Yet an invitation might just as easily signal a different sort of academic marginalization from the ideals of this magazine: The New Criterion may simply no longer pose a threat to the central figures in academic art history.
It gives Donagh's work a strongly academic flavour, and Reflection on three Weeks in May 1970, which contains the Kent State references, came directly out of a studio exercise the artist conducted with a group of students On the other hand, references to the Irish troubles brought elements of "hot" news to this cool academic art, as well as an implication of political stance.
Enhanced with informed and informative biographies of the various artists, a study of the papers used in their prints, analysis of the marks used by paper manufacturers and collectors, essays on diverse issues of visual culture and representation all deftly combined to make German Expressionist Prints an invaluable and mandatory addition to substantive personal, academic Art History reference collection.
Stone's accessible prose guides readers gently through the twists and turns of academic art theory and theological approaches, but shines when it comes to personal application.
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