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a small slender short-haired breed of African origin having brownish fur with a reddish undercoat

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From the northeast, for several months, Abdul Mourak, in command of a detachment of Abyssinian soldiers, had been assiduously searching for the Arab raider, Achmet Zek, who, six months previously, had affronted the majesty of Abdul Mourak's emperor by conducting a slave raid within the boundaries of Menelek's domain.
From a chance remark of the Abyssinian, Werper discovered the purpose of the expedition, and when he realized that these men were the enemies of Achmet Zek, he took heart, and immediately blamed his predicament upon the Arab.
Lest, however, he might again fall into the hands of the raider, he discouraged Abdul Mourak in the further prosecution of his pursuit, assuring the Abyssinian that Achmet Zek commanded a large and dangerous force, and also that he was marching rapidly toward the south.
The first person the big black's eyes fell upon as he was hustled into the presence of the Abyssinian officer, was M.
The name of the town, translated from the Abyssinian, is New Gondar.
She answered him in Abyssinian, but brokenly and with an accent that betrayed how recently she had acquired her slight knowledge of the tongue.
BEST known for their album Satta Massagana, The Abyssinians are among the founding fathers of reggae.
Happily, one such act, the Jamaican roots-reggae torch-bearers The Abyssinians, still tour the world with their close harmonies intact after more than five decades.
As the authors of Abyssinian Christianity conclude, "the promotion of the new faith developed into the single point of personal and public identification and unity for Abyssinians.
Between 1855 and 1868, under the leadership of Tewodros, some of the Abyssinians engaged in a series of campaigns to both colonize and convert the Wallo and Yejju Oromos to Orthodox Christianity or expel or exterminate them.
Those who'd like to add a little Jamaican flavor to their week can catch the Abyssinians with Etana at 9 p.
Abyssinia's first modern war occurred in 1867 when members of a British diplomatic mission were imprisoned, which led to the dispatch an Anglo-Indian force to show the Abyssinians the error of their ways.
However, after 30+ years of struggle, the Oromo people is still far from achieving its original goal of liberating itself from economic, cultural and political domination by the Abyssinians from up north.
The report about the Abyssinians dancing in the mosque is often mentioned.
Equally good were the heavenly vocal group the Abyssinians and their newly reissued set, "Satta Massagana," considered one of reggae's all-time greatest albums and now given the deluxe treatment with extra tracks.